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E-Energy - Smart Grids made in Germany

  source: E-Energy/BMWi

This homepage provides the glossary of the DKE Expertise Centre Standardization E-Energy / Smart Grids with terms and definitions for smart grids. Denominations and definitions of almost 230 terms can be accessed without registration. Your comments are welcome if you would like to suggest changes or amendments to individual definitions. To be able to do this please register on this website.

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Clearing and Settlementpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Abwicklungs- und Einigungsdienstleister
aggregatorpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Aggregator
actorsystem theoryE-EnergyAkteur
activitysystem theoryE-EnergyAktivität
demand side managementpower economy and energy marketE-Energyanforderungsseitige Führung
assetssystem theoryE-EnergyAnlagen
grid subscriberpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyAnschlussnehmer
grid userpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyAnschlussnutzer
connection objectpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyAnschlussobjekt
use casesystem theoryE-EnergyAnwendungsfall
use case scenariosystem theoryE-EnergyAnwendungsfallszenario
automation systemautomation technologyE-EnergyAutomatisierungssystem
influencerpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Beeinflusser
BEMIinformation and communication technologyE-EnergyBEMI
BEMI coreinformation and communication technologyE-EnergyBEMI-Rechner
bidirectional energy management interfaceautomation technologyE-EnergyBidirektionales Energiemanagement Interface
balance areapower economy and energy marketE-EnergyBilanzkreis
balance grid coordinatorpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyBilanzkreiskoordinator
balance gridpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyBilanznetz
balance responsible partypower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Bilanzverantwortlicher
balance area responsible partypower economy and energy marketE-EnergyBilanzkreisverantwortlicher
reactive energyelectrotechnologyIEVBlindenergie
reactive powerautomation technologyDG Energy TF SG EG3Blindleistung
BPLinformation and communication technologyE-EnergyBPL
BPL gatewayinformation and communication technologyE-EnergyBPL-Gateway
BPL headendinformation and communication technologyE-EnergyBPL-Headend
bundle of rolespower economy and energy marketE-EnergyBündelrolle
CIMsystem theoryIECCIM
service subscriberpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyDienstenehmer
service userpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyDienstenutzer
service platforminformation and communication technologyE-EnergyDiensteplattform
service mediationinformation and communication technologyE-EnergyDienstevermittlung
domain groupsystem theoryE-EnergyDomänengruppe
E-Energysystem theoryE-EnergyE-Energy
power exchangepower economy and energy marketIEVElektrizitätsbörse
electricity retailerpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyElektrizitätslieferant
electricity meterelectrotechnologyIEVElektrizitätsmessgerät
electrical power networkelectrotechnologyE-EnergyElektrizitätsversorgungsnetz
electrical power systempower economy and energy marketE-EnergyElektrizitätsversorgungssystem
electric vehiclepower economy and energy marketE-EnergyElektrofahrzeug
electromagnetic compatibilityelectrotechnologyIEVElektromagnetische Verträglichkeit
end customerpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Endabnehmer
energy exchangepower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Energiebörse
smart energy servicespower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergiedienste
ancillary services providerpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Energiedienstleister
energy service marketpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergiedienstleistungsmarkt
energy generation unitspower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergiegewinnungseinheiten
energy wholesale marketpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergiegroßhandelsmarkt
energy traderpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Energiehändler
energy information systempower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergieinformationssystem
energy retailerpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Energielieferant
energy management local area networkinformation and communication technologyE-EnergyEnergiemanagement LAN
energy management systemsystem theoryE-EnergyEnergiemanagementsystem
energy managerinformation and communication technologyE-EnergyEnergiemanager
energy marketpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergiemarkt
energy marketplacepower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergiemarktplatz
energy grid operationpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergienetzführung
energy userpower economy and energy marketISO/IEC JPC2 WG1Energienutzer
energy consuming unitpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergienutzungseinheit
energy regional marketpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergieregionalmarkt
energy storagepower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergiespeicher
energy systemsystem theoryE-EnergyEnergiesystem
energy system elementsystem theoryE-EnergyEnergiesystemelement
energy transport gridpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergietransportnetze
energy mediatorpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Energievermittler
supplierpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Energieversorger
energy supplying systempower economy and energy marketE-EnergyEnergieversorgungssystem
generatorpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyErzeuger
generation unitpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyErzeugungseinheit
financial sectorpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Finanzsektor
high level functionalitysystem theoryE-EnergyFunktionsgruppe
gas meterelectrotechnologyE-EnergyGasmessgerät
generating unit schedulepower economy and energy marketIEVGenerator-Fahrplan
devices domainpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyGerätedomäne
business casesystem theoryE-EnergyGeschäftsfall
business modelsystem theoryE-EnergyGeschäftsmodell
business plansystem theoryE-EnergyGeschäftsplan
business sitepower economy and energy marketE-EnergyGewerbeobjekt
main function groupsystem theoryE-EnergyHauptfunktionsgruppe
appliancesystem theoryE-EnergyHaushaltsgerät
ancillary servicespower economy and energy marketIEVHilfsdienste
industrial sitesystem theoryE-EnergyIndustrieobjekt
smart grid operationspower economy and energy marketE-Energyintelligente Energienetzführung
smart energy marketpower economy and energy marketE-Energyintelligenter Energiemarkt
smart energy systempower economy and energy marketE-Energyintelligentes Energiesystem
Smart Gridpower economy and energy marketE-EnergyIntelligentes Energieversorgungssystem
internetinformation and communication technologyIEVInternet
internet of energypower economy and energy marketE-EnergyInternet der Energie
internet of energy servicesautomation technologyDG Energy TF SG EG3Internet der Energiedienste
internet of energy thingspower economy and energy marketE-EnergyInternet der Energiedinge
commercial sitepower economy and energy marketE-Energykommerzielles Objekt
grid communications network providerpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Kommunikationsnetzbetreiber
communication systeminformation and communication technologyE-EnergyKommunikationssystem
power stationpower economy and energy marketIEVKraftwerk
power schedulepower economy and energy marketIEVLeistungsfahrplan
consumerpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Letztverbraucher
retailerpower economy and energy marketDG Energy TF SG EG3Lieferant
logical objectsystem theoryE-EnergyLogischer Knoten
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