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process (in control technology)

complete set of interacting operations in a system by which matter, energy or information is transformed, transported or stored

NOTE    Operations or sets of operations can be separated and organized to form subprocesses or complete processes. Process variables may be deterministic or stochastic.

EXAMPLES of processes: generation of electrical energy in a power station, energy distribution, petroleum refinement to win hydrocarbons, pig iron production in a blast furnace, production of gears, shipment of general cargo in a container system, planning and carrying-out of a flight, data processing in a computer system, performance of administrative acts by public authorities.

subject area
automation technology 
standardised term 
normative reference
IEV 351-21-43 
assigned term
subject architecture 
instance of term and relation to further instance of term
german glossary
Prozess (in der Leittechnik) 
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