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balance responsible party

role which is responsible that the supply of energy corresponds to the anticipated consumption of energy in its balance area during a given time period and financially regulates for any imbalance that arises
NOTE: In several countries of europa the role is separated in two roles.

The first role is called balance area responsible party which is responsible for compilation of the balance between supply of energy and anticipated consumption of energy with any numbers of generators or loads in its balance area and its sub-balance areas. The owner of this role delivers the power schedules of its balance areas to the associated grid zones of the balance grid coordinators.

The second role is called balance grid coordinator which is responsible to control the balance in its grid zone and for financially regulating for any imbalances that arises. The owner of this role aggregates the power schedules of all balance areas in its grid zone. Further the owner eliminates all upcoming imbalances between generation and consumption using control energy is responsible for financially regulation to the balance area responsible parties.

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