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BPL repeater

signal amplifier which together with the BPL gateways and the BPL repeaters create a meshed network.

NOTES:  BPL repeaters work to enhance signal strength whilst simultaneously offering a redundant communications network . The BPL repeaters are installed in every node of the low voltage grid (e.g. street cabinets or transformer stations) where there is no BPL headend.
The Repeater extends the coverage of the Broadband Powerline network by dynamically amplifying the data signal. This intelligent device regenerates the signals according to the „Store and Forward“ principle and reacts flexibly to changes of topologies, noise or even
switching operations in order to grant a stable and redundant network.
The BPL system automatically integrates any BPL repeater in a meshed network structure. The logical bus topology remains, no matter how many repeaters
are involved in a transmission. Repeaters increase the reliability of the network during line interruption.

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